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Make Your Own Browser

Although most Web browsers can be customized to a certain degree, some persons may want to have full control over their browser's appearance. This free program allows you to fully customize your Web browser. It has a nice interface that allows you to preview all the changes you make. For example, you can set the font you want to use. Unlike Windows themes, this change affects only in the browser's interface. In addition, you can set the color you like most by choosing it from a color gradient that allows you to choose exactly the color and nuance you want. Another tool lets you customize the text of the browser's buttons. For example, you can use "Rewind" instead of "Back", and so on. The application also has a tool that allows you to change your browser's icons.
Although it is a good program, I found two main drawbacks. First, you need to be online to use most of the customization tools. The second is that the advanced functions of the program are not very easy to use. For example, to customize the Sponsor toolbar, you need to edit manually the browser's configuration file. Although it is a very easy task, it can be annoying for many novice users. If you want to create a customized Web browser, then you may like this program, which is absolutely free.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Not very easy to use
  • You need to be online to use most of its tools
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